In some cases the restoration of a photograph will end up preserving the only picture in existence. The case below, of a mother and her son, was taken in 1950. It wasn't until just recently "discovered". It is the only one the children have of their mother and her son together.

The picture was in very poor shape as you can see from the original scan below. A lot of rebuilding had to go into the restoring of the picture. Look closely, and you can see the left index finger was missing. The right arm was cut in half. Numerous scratches were encountered throughout the entire picture. This effort, retouching and enhancement, took 16 hours of work. End result? View the restored versions, both color and black & white. It was truly a "one-of-a-kind" project!

The picture below is the original. Use the "Previous" and "Next" buttons to view the restored image in color and in Black & White. Please note that all images are shown at reduced resolutions. Originals are scanned in, and worked with, at very high resolutions for final printing. In this case, it was requested not to do any color correction on the picture. The old look was preferred on the final print.