In some cases the removal of parts of a picture, or additions, can add to its enjoyment. Again, digitally this can be accomplished with the end result being a picture you treasure for years. This next example is only about a third as old as the above picture. Because the stallion, Criterion, was an important link in the lineage of Lambert Morgans, the picture was treasured by its owners.

It was a very small picture in poor condition. Scratches, parts of the emulsion layer missing, no detail in the shadow areas, clutter on one side and people on the other. The restoration was quite involved. barn siding had to be created where the spreader was removed. The siding and window had to be created where the people were removed. The horses halter was removed, all scratches, and missing photo emulsion were repaired. A part of the yard was created on the left after removal of the spreader. Some color correction was made, but due to the poor exposure of the picture, was kept minimal.

The picture below is the original. Use the "Previous" and "Next" buttons to view the restored image in color and in Black & White. Please note that all images are shown at reduced resolutions. Originals are scanned in, and worked with, at very high resolutions for final printing.


All images Copyright 1999 , S. Joseph Sharnetsky.

Criterion Copyright Susan Hanley