All of us have those old keepsake photos that have been stored away for years. We pull them out every now and then to look at or show  to friends and family. As the years go by we notice the fading of colors, perhaps a scratch here or there, a turned corner or perhaps a stain from a spilled drink. I know. I have those myself.

The restoration and enhancement is accomplished by first doing a high-resolution scan of the original picture, negative or slide. The resulting image, and the damage to it, is carefully restored to its original condition, or depending upon the damage, as close as possible. The image is then color corrected and printed on photographic media of your choice. That media could be artist canvas, photo paper - glossy or matte, or fine art watercolor paper - textured or not textured. The print is of archival quality and depending upon the paper chosen, could last well over 100 years.

We would love to work on your keepsake and be able to restore it, and put a smile on your face, when seeing the new print. Please call or email (link below) for consultation and quote. Also, visit our pricing page for more

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