Chuck Houck Biography

"A Style all his own" is the best description of Chuck Houck's wonderfully unique paintings. Using Dramatic color and design in his energetic vision of world of Frogs, Animals, Plants and Fruits, Chuck's work pulls the viewer into the painting. "How does he do that" is the first question asked by anyone seeing his work.

Born in Libby, Montana and raised with a love of the outdoors, fishing and hunting, Chuck's love of art led him to major in Art in college. He attended Berkeley Art School and then went on to major in Art at Shasta College in Redding California. Leaving California and coming to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Chuck went to work in the timber industry. While art was his love, raising his son was his priority for a number of years. In early 1996, Chuck was encouraged by longtime friend Terry Lee, nationally known wildlife artist, to start attending the weekly drawing sessions held at the Terry Lee Studio. Encouraged by Terry to developed his own style, Chuck has spent the last four years working nights and weekends creating his colorful energetic paintings. His constant study and hard work with Terry Lee and other local artists has propelled him into recognition as a unique talent.

In describing what inspires Chuck to paint, he speaks of his interest in, and the study of, color. Chuck believes that if the color excites him, then his collectors will feel the same way. Using complimentary colors, he reaches a visual three-dimensional effect. This combined with the interesting subjects, has brought much attention to this hard working Artist.

Chuck was asked by a friend one time what category of artist he considers himself to be. He thought about this for quite a while. The only thing he came up with at first was "I'm a wild and crazy painter" because of all the colors he uses. Then he said he went to study portrait painting and he realized he had been painting portraits of animals. If you ask him now what category of artist he considers himself to be, he will tell you that he is a wildlife portrait painter.

Chuck's paintings are currently on display at Natures Gallery in Spokane Washington, Earl Huyck Gallery in Redding California, and Bob Mead Art Concepts Gallery in Tacoma Washington.