Betty Jean Billups

"Capturing an inner feeling, a moment in time so quickly passing... A moment that is beyond words, almost beyond thought. In art, as music, there are rhythms, movements, flow and ebb."

In the summer of 1977, Elizabeth Jean Billups (AKA Betty or Betty Jean) had her first one artist museum show at the Montana Historical Society in Helena. This exhibit was the direct results of doing research for a U.S. Army commission that she received, to create a painting of Sacajawea. And this commission came about

because the Army had seen a painting Billups had in the U.S. Air Force Art Collection (that was created when she was Vice President of the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles). The painting was called "The Nightengale" ( a medical plane, the C-9)

The exhibit at the museum was titled "Inner Feelings" and was the sole reason Betty returned to a fine art career. The trip into Idaho and Montana at that time, also brought her back years later, to live on a 200 + acre ranch, and eventually move into the mountains, to a tudor style cabin on 10 acres in the wilderness.

Betty is one of north Idaho's finest artists. Betty is the winner of Grand Purchase Awards and blue ribbons in national and international shows, and has been featured in many art magazines throughout her career.

Her work hangs in collections throughout the U.S., Canada, Israel, Africa, and Japan. Some of these collections also are the home of Picassos, Henry Sharps, and other leading contemporary artists of the U.S. and is curretnly available as originals and Giclee canvas prints.

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