Welcome to our on-line store. Here you will be able to browse through a variety of fine art prints and posters that are being offered to the public for the first time. The gallery's are arranged by categories.

Fine art prints displayed here are for sale on various media. Pictures can be printed on artists canvas, fine art paper,

Kari and the Cat, II
and a glossy or  premium luster finish photographic paper. Most of the prints are available in different sizes to meet your specific display and framing requirement.

The fine art prints are offered as open and limited edition prints. All limited edition Giclee prints are numbered and signed. Open edition prints are identical in quality, but do not have a limit on the number of prints offered.

The pictures you will view here are non-altered fine art photographs, digitally enhanced photographs and Giclee reproductions of watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings. All pictures have been scanned with the latest scanning technology and at the highest quality level. Each scanned master is color proofed to ensure exacting faithfulness to the original or to reflect the intent of the artist. The prints are created using archival inks optimally matched to the media selected.

4th of July at the Globe

Depending upon the media chosen, the archival life of your print could be well over 100 years. All prints are inspected thoroughly to ensure that you get the highest quality in an inkjet Giclee print. Additionally, depending upon the media selected, the print is coated to provide a measure of UV and scratch protection.
You will find a diverse collection of prints, covering various areas of this world we live in. No matter where you go, if you wait long enough, there will be a fleeting moment in time that you can capture forever. Some moments have a story behind them, others are to be enjoyed simply because they were there!

Paris - Man Feeding Birds

If you are an artist currently offering, or looking at offering, digital prints and have works that you would like to display for sale, please contact us for information on placing your works in our gallery. We are looking for a few selected artists to offer to our client base.

Contact: S. Joseph Sharnetsky at sjs@TheNegativeView.com

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