Fine Art printing has been around for while in its more traditional forms, such as lithography, woodcuts, and screen printing to mention a few. The really exciting period is just coming into its own - Digital Fine Art printing, the results of which is often times referred to as Giclee prints. Today's inkjet technology is amazing. The results you can achieve from what was traditionally in the realm of color office printers, but has far surpassed them in output quality can take your breath away.

Our goal, at The Negative View, is to produce the finest print possible using the latest technology and papers. The possibilities for this type of printing go beyond just Fine Art prints and posters. With the latest media, you can see your work on custom note cards, one-of-a-kind wallpaper and even designer fabrics.

We take pride in being able to work on a collaborative basis, by appointment only, with artists and photographers to assist them in creating their next Limited Edition print. We've listed below a few services provided for you to review. Please contact us to discuss your next project.

Limited Edition Giclee Prints - Working with artists, photographers, interior designers and others we convert conventional art works into digital images using the latest scanning technology. Color corrections, enhancements, and size adjustments are completed. Color sampling of the original work is performed to ensure accurate profile matching throughout the entire digital process. Proof prints are then printed for approval. Once the approved proof is returned, we then can commence the printing of the Edition. The approved proof, the Bon a Tier (BAT) is then kept in an archive file. The BAT is used as a reference for future printing of the Edition.

While we believe that it is advantageous to have the artist involved in the digital side of the process at any step they wish to be involved in, we also realize that sometimes distance precludes this. With internet technology today, this is often times a non-issue. We have high-speed connections and can accept work via electronic submissions. For more information on this subject, please review Fine Art Print Collaboration.


Fabric Printing - Custom table cloths, table skirts, showroom drapes can be created using Polyester (glossy, sport jersey, or knitted), semi-sheer silk and brushed cotton.

Graphic Design - Logos, brochures, advertisements are available on a per hour design fee basis. Refer to the pricing sheet for design rates.


Custom Wall Coverings/Murals - A very unique service is now available for wide-format printing. We have the capability to create unique, one-of-a-kind patterns for custom wall coverings or wall murals that can match the interior of your home or business.

Have a favorite pattern? Need to match existing decorations, but can't seem to find that perfect match? Would you like to have a mural on your wall from your favorite picture? Then you need to look at having custom printed from your pattern or photo, and with your colors. Please contact us for further information on this exciting capability.




All images Copyright 1999 , S. Joseph Sharnetsky.