Horse's, Horse's, and more Horse's

This page is going to be devoted to gorgeous Lambert Morgan horses that belong to good friends of mine. It was my pleasure to be able to spend a few days in North Carolina helping them, put in horse fencing and be able to take these pictures you see here. They have their own site that you can visit if you would like more information on Morgan Horses.

Here are pictures of Redwood and Marty. I'm sad to say that since these pictures were taken, Redwood died from complications of a surgical procedure.  Hopefully these pictures will help us to remember him for the wonderful stallion that he was. 

Here, he is looking, for all purposes, like a King of Hill. Marty is one of the Taylors breeding mares and is shown here running with Redwood.  Notice the two of them in perfect step.


Here is one of Marty by herself. This is the two person circle shot! One person gets them running. They run in a circle in their pasture and you use a long lens and get them coming at you.

Here are two more of Redwood

Quietude Redwood

(Crawford x Clarity of Quietude)

 May 1990 - January 2001

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