California Dreaming!

Had a great vantage point along the coast of California. I pulled off the highway and managed to get in 4 pictures before it was dark. Notice, I did not say "before the sun went down". This is a composite picture.  The California coast was lit just as the water indicates. The problem was the non-existent sunset. It was a bland sky, which is good news and bad news.  Good news - I can paste in a sunset easier. Bad news - I have to paste in a sunset. I had three other pictures along the same coast that had been taken on another day that had a sunset in them. I selected the sky over the water and behind the coastline. Then copied the sunset and using Photoshop, did a "paste into" and adjusted the view to get what you see here. I had a little concern about the direction of the light, but it was close enough to go with. For comparison, the two slides used here are included for your viewing.


Waterfalls - Peaceful

This was taken in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is part of the lower Tahquamenon Falls. The river branches around an island and this is the left side of the falls. It was an overcast day and the mosquito's were absolutely terrible. Slapping and snapping is not fun.

Into the abyss

This was taken at high noon (no, Gary Cooper wasn't there) on a very sunny day. The contrast between the sun shining off the water and the surrounding trees and bushes was quite a bit to handle with the slide film.  I decided to go all the way and used Photoshop to put more contrast in the image and to darken the area around the face of the falls.  The actual drop is about 50-60 feet and was lit well enough for detail if the exposure had been taken from that area.

Local Parks

On a business trip to San Francisco, I took advantage of an opportunity to go to a local park in town.  The small lake and  the landscaping they had done was quite nice.  This waterfall was completely unexpected. There are lots of these small local attractions. When traveling, don't overlook them.

Hilton Head Island

Absolutely terrific clouds and color reflected on the beach at Hilton Head Island.  Was down visiting friends and was able to get many shots similar to this.  Even the morning ones had great sky and color reflections off the wet sand.  I am still oftentimes amazed at the colors that come out in shots like this.  I cropped the original 35mm slide to get this psuedo panoramic.


Hilton Head Island

Here is another of the same beach as above, but looking in the opposite direction. No filters were used.  Photoshop© was used to clone out one solitary person in the picture in order to get this beach barren of people. My apologies Penny, but I still have the original with you in it!

Fall Colors

Okay, let's try some color of mother nature's making.  I look at all of the fall pictures taken in all of the "hot spots" for fall.  But oftentimes some of the best shots can be taken in your own backyard, that is if you live in a place where fall color appears.  In this case, while I was living there, Michigan was, and still is, a great place for fall colors.  This was taken at one of the state metro parks about 10 minutes from home.

I used a Photoshop filter to manipulate the leaves for the look you see here.  The colors are not changed.  Those were the true colors when the picture was taken.  The tree trunks were darkened slightly to get the contrast between them and the leaves.


Water can be a mirror too.

This was taken about 20 miles from home.  It had rained recently and along side a country road was this small pond. I believe the the touches of yellow add just the right interest to the picture.

Reflections in the Water.

Same road as above, just a little further down from the pond above.


Okay, let's switch gears a little and look at what digital editing can do. This scene was shot in the early morning about 90 miles southwest of Atlanta, GA. I used a Cokin Sunset filter which accounts for the colors. If you look closely, you can see a person in the yard in front of the house. The early morning fog had not burned off yet. This picture required a lot of cleaning up in Photoshop. The vantage point was the only one with a clearing and it had large bushes and weeds in front of the camera. I cloned out the distracting ones and also took out part of a fence that was unattractive. I had to recreate part of the house that had been covered up by the bushes and weeds. This was a picture that really had too many things going against it, but is now more visually appealing thanks to the digital revolution in photography. The edge treatment was done with Auto F/X Photo Graphic Edges.


Morning in the Mountains


Gorgeous Day for Pictures!

This shot was during a trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula in Seney National Forest. The day was absolutely beautiful. Temperature perfect, breeze blowing and plenty of white fluffy clouds.  I need to find another one of those days.  Straight scan with normal adjustments in Photoshop.

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