The following pictures are from a visit to Callaway Gardens in Georgia. They have a butterfly aviary there that is quite informative and well stocked with different species of butterflies. All the pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 10S, 430EZ flash and 35-350 zoom lens.

Those butterfly's Are Sure Small

This picture was taken during a visit to Callaway Gardens in their butterfly aviary. The butterfly was on a leaf about 15 feet away. A 350mm telephoto lens with electronic flash was used to get the picture. This was essentially a flash picture, which accounts for the dark background. The nearest light reflecting object was about 15-20 feet away. The actual picture, prior to scanning, and changing in Photoshop, is placed here for comparison. I felt that the Photoshop one is more of an abstract image in the sense that it is not readily recognizable as a butterfly. I've had some tell me they thought it was a burning candle. Perhaps the original is your "cup of tea". Let me know which one you prefer. And, of course, you always have the option of "None."


How about embossing?

Take one normal picture of a butterfly hanging out in his neighborhood, scan it, adjust colors, and use an embossing filter in Photoshop.  No need to mix or bake - one abstract butterfly served up for your viewing pleasure.

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